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In the final Scene of ” Mrs. America”, the great Cate Blanchett quietly unveils her inner Jeanne Dielman.

Blanchett then slowly hangs up the phone and returns, defeated, to the kitchen. The camera frames her in a medium shot and in a single take that will last about one minute, she sits at the table, facing us, and begins to robotically peel one apple, then another, then another. And there she is, before our eyes. We are witnessing the renaissance of Jeanne Dielman!

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Mike White triumphs with “The White Lotus” and we revisit his other masterpiece “Enlightened”

And then there is the wonderful Jennifer Coolidge doing something transcendent with her character; a lonely woman who has come to scatter her domineering mother’s ashes.
This exceedingly high-maintenance bunch are catered to by the hotel ‘s long-suffering manager Armond and his overworked staff. A recovering alcoholic, who is always in danger of falling off the wagon, Armond, as portrayed by Murray Bartlett, becomes more interesting and sympathetic with each successive scene..

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Under Plaza’s direction in “Cinema Toast”, Loretta Young FINALLY gives an Oscar-worthy performance!

The concept of the series is simple and has been before: use old film footage from movies that have entered the public domain to tell new stories with the voices of modern Hollywood actors being dubbed over the original dialogue. Each episode is unique with a different director who gives his or her own personal flair, or not, to the proceedings.

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“It’s a Sin” on HBOMax gets it right

There is an amazing tracking shot, involving the central character. Ritchie, who has just picked up a drink at the bar and, as he navigates his way through a crowded gay club with the choreographed grace of Gene Kelly in a Vincente Minnelli or Stanley Donen musical, we realize that he has slept with almost every patron in attendance, either as a twosome or a threesome.

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