The Films of Sidney Lumet

Dog Day Afternoon

How could the man who made “Dog Day Afternoon” make 24 unwatchable movies?

Two masterworks:Dog Day Afternoon” and “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”.

One well-staged presentation of a wordy Chayefsky original: “Network.”

9 well-directed movies popping up at two-to-three yearly intervals: Twelve Angry Men | Fail Safe | The Pawnbroker | Serpico | Prince of the City | The Verdict | The Morning After | Running On Empty | Q&A

1957Twelve Angry MenUnited ArtistsA-
1958Stage StruckRKO PicturesD
1959That Kind of WomanParamount PicturesD+
1960The Fugitive KindUnited ArtistsD
1962A View from a BridgeContinental FilmD
1962A Long Day’s Journey into NightEmbassy PicturesC+
1964Fail SafeColumbia PicturesB
1964The HillMetro-Goldwyn-MayerC+
1965The PawnbrokerAmerican International Pictures B+
1966The GroupUnited ArtistsC
1967The Deadly AffairColumbia PicturesD+
1968Bye Bye BravermanWarner Bros.D
1968The Sea GullWarner Bros.D-
1969The AppointmentMetro-Goldwyn-MeyerD
1970Last of the Mobile Hot ShotsWarner Bros.D-
1971The Anderson TapesColumbia PicturesD
1972Child’s PlayParamount PicturesD
1973The OffenseUnited ArtistsC+
1973Serpico (Al Pacino) Paramount PicturesB+
1974Lovin’ MollyColumbia PicturesD+
1974Murder on the Orient ExpressParamount PicturesC-
1975Dog Day Afternoon (Al Pacino)Warner Bros.A+
1977EquusUnited ArtistsD+
1978The WizUniversal PicturesD-
1980Just Tell me What you WantWarner Bros.D-
1981Prince of the CityWarner Bros.B-
1982DeathtrapWarner Bros.F
1982The Verdict20th Century FoxA
1983DanielParamount PicturesD-
1984Garbo TalksMetro-Goldwyn-MayerF
1986Power20th Century FoxF
1986The Morning After20th Century FoxB
1988Running on EmptyWarner Bros.B
1989Family BusinessTri Star PicturesF
1990Q&ATri Star PicturesA-
1992A Stranger Among UsBuena Vista PicturesF
1993Guilty as SinBuena Vista PicturesF
1996Night Falls on ManhattanParamount PicturesF
1997Critical CareLIVE EntertainmentD
1999GloriaColumbia PicturesF
2006Find Me GuiltyFreestyle ReleasingD
2007Before the Devil Knows Your DeadThinkFilmA+

Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Film Review A+ – TheBrownees

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