Woody Allen is NOT Retiring. His Sixteen Oscar Nominations for Best Original Screenplay Remain an Academy Record.

Woody Allen

  • In Paris, working on his 50th film, Woody Allen told the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that he planned to retire from making movies and devote himself to writing.
  • Not so fast. Now, through a representative, he says that he has no intention of retiring and is extremely excited to be in Paris shooting his new movie.
  • Either way, I thought that this was a suitable time to look at what is truly an incredible list: Woody Allen’s record-breaking sixteen Oscar Nominations for Best Original Screenplay.
  • The list spans the years 1977 to 2013.
  • Of the 16 films 3 had a cowriter: Marshall Brickman on “Annie Hall” and “Manhattan” and Douglas McGrath on “Bulletts Over Broadway”.
  • Woody also holds the record for the numbers of Wins: Three; for “Annie Hall” (1977), “Hannah and Her Sisters” (1986) and “Midnight in Paris” (2011).
  • His closest competitors for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar statuette are Billy Wilder (“Sunset Boulevard” and “The Apartment”) and Paddy Chayefsky (“The Hospital” and “Network”).
  • Chayefsky and Wilder also each have an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, the former for “Marty” in 1955 and the latter for “The Lost Weekend” in 1945, giving both a grand total of three screenplay Oscars.
  • Woody has also been nominated for Best Director a total of seven times, putting him in a tie with David Lean and Fred Zinnemann as the fourth most nominated film director (behind William Wyler with 12, Martin Scorsese with 9 and Wilder and Steven Spielberg both with 8).
  • Woody won for both Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for “Annie Hall”.
  • Woody was also nominated for Best Actor for “Annie Hall” when he became only the second person since Orson Welles for “Citizen Kane” to be triple nominated (Actor/Writer/Director)
  • Woody was, surprisingly, NOT nominated for three of his films that received Oscar nominations and Oscar wins in other categories:
  • “Zelig” (1983): Oscar nominations for cinematographer Gordon Willis (his first!) and Santo Loquasto’s costume design.
  • Sweet and Lowdown” (1999): Oscar nominations for Sean Penn (Best Actor) and Samantha Morton (Best Supporting Actress).
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (2008) whose only nomination turned into a win for Best Supporting Actress Penelope Cruz.

Woody Allen’s 16 Oscar Nominations for Best Original Screenplay.

1977. ANNIE HALL (and BEST DIRECTOR) (and Best Actor) with Marshall Brickman.

1978. Interiors (and Best Director).

1979. Manhattan with Marshall Brickman.

1984. Broadway Danny Rose (and Best Director)

1985. The Purple Rose of Cairo.

1986. HANNAH AND HER SISTERS (and Best Director).

1987. Radio Days.

1989. Crimes and Misdemeanors (and Best Director).

1990. Alice.

1992. Husbands and Wives.

1994. Bullets over Broadway (and Best Director) with Douglas McGrath.

1995. Mighty Aphrodite.

1997. Deconstructing Harry.

2005. Match Point.

2011. MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (and Best Director)

2013. Blue Jasmine

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