Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967) Film Review

Reflections in a Golden Eye
DIRECTOR: John Huston

BOTTOM LINE: Director John Huston’s favorite of all his movies. Not for everyone, but if it’s to your taste, spellbinding. Brando does something amazing with his closeted gay character, who is married to Elizabeth Taylor who, in turn, is having an affair with their best friend Brian Keith, whose wife Julie Harris has just chopped off her nipples with the garden sears in protest. Her only friend and confidant is her very flamboyant Filipino houseboy, Anacleto, brilliantly played by gay actor Zorro David. If you think that you have just entered Carson McCullers’ country, you are correct.

POST TITLE:  55 Queer Films Made Under the Hays Code (1934-1967) (Part 2) – TheBrownees
CATEGORY: My Favorites
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