Under The Skin (2014) Film Review

Under the Skin
A horror masterpiece.

A spellbinding Scarlett Johansson is an alien who preys on the men of Glasgow for their nutritional value. After a brief digestion period in her basement, their meat is transported to the mother planet.

One of my favorite horror movies. The beach scene alone is unforgettable. And, like all notable examples of the genre, it is simultaneously haunting and upsetting, even if you’re not sure why!

A guy with an erect penis walks down into a transparent ooze, confused, as Scarlett walks on another level above him. Later, when the next victim arrives, this guy is still alive. His body’s nutrients will soon be extracted. First, these two humans will touch, allowing a few seconds of humanity to enter director Jonathan Glazer’s understated but transfixing vision of one Hell on Earth. The film’s crepuscular lighting – so many of the scenes are filmed at dusk – and the hypnotic score by Mica Levi adds to the overall sense of unease.

Meanwhile, the world’s most famous and beautiful actress drives around Glasgow in a van, and nobody recognizes her!

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