The Leather Boys (1964) Film Review

The Leather Boys
DIRECTOR: Sidney J. Furie
BOTTOM LINE:  Canadian journeyman Sidney J. Furie, who would really come into his own the following year with “The Ipcress File” does a striking job with this “gay” love story set within the milieu of London’s biker subculture. Working-class teenagers Dot (Rita Tushingham) and biker Reggie (Colin Campbell) get married. Their marriage soon turns sour, and they begin to live increasingly separate lives. Meanwhile, Reggie becomes more involved with his biker friends, especially the, shall we say, somewhat “eccentric” Pete (Dudley Sutton). There is an unfortunate scene in a gay bar towards the end which leads to an abrupt cop-out ending. However, the movie’s long closing tracking shot is classic filmmaking.
POST TITLE: Fifty-Four Queer Films Made Under the Hays Code (1934-1967) | 
CATEGORY: My Favorites

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