The Detective (1968) Film Review

The Detective
DIRECTOR: Gordan Douglas
BOTTOM LINE: Frank Sinatra does the best he can under the circumstances playing a policeman investigating the deaths of several gay men in New York City. However, the awful script by Abby Mann – doing for homosexuals what he did for Jews in “Judgement at Nuremberg” – and the mediocre direction by Gordon Douglas put the kibosh on everything. With William Windom playing the type of gay character that makes every adolescent gay boy want to jump off a bridge. Awful, but worth seeing aa a pre-Stonewall period piece. The underperformance of “The Detective” relative to “Rosemary’s Baby” played a major part in the Farrow-Sinatra breakup.
POST TITLE: Twenty-Seven Queer Films 1967-1976. Queer Cinema Comes Out.
CATEGORY: My Favorites
STREAMING: Amazon Prime and Apple TV+

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