The Boys in the Band (1970) Film Review

The Boys in the Band
DIRECTOR: William Friedkin
BOTTOM LINE: As we saw in the 2020 remake, Mart Crowley’s play “The Boys in the Band” has stood the test of time beautifully. The tragic epilogue is that the five real-life gay actors were all unemployable in major roles after the film’s release and all died of AIDS-related illnesses within seven years of one another in the late eighties and early nineties.


*Michael (Kenneth Nelson)

*Harold (Leonard Frey)

*Emory (Cliff Gorman)

*Donald (Frederick Colms)

*Hank (Laurence Luckinbill)

*Larry (Keith Prentice)

*Cowboy Tex (Robert La Tourneaux)

*Bernard (Reuben Greene)

*Alan McCarthy (Peter White)


WRITER: Mart Crowley

ACTOR: Kenneth Nelson (R.I.P. 1993 AIDS-related illness)

ACTOR: Leonard Frey (R.I.P. 1988 AIDS-related illness)

ACTOR: FREDERICK COLMS (R.I.P. 1992 AIDS-related illness)

ACTOR: Robert La Tourneaux (R.I.P. 1986 AIDS-related illness)

ACTOR: Keith Prentice (R.I.P. 1992 AIDS-related illness)

POST TITLE: Thirty Queer Films 1967-1976. Queer Cinema Comes Out 
CATEGORY: My Favorites
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