Rope (1948) Film Review



DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock
BOTTOM LINE: Hitchcock’s famous experiment filmed in 8 x 10-minute takes. He wanted to know what would a movie be like if you eliminated editing and only had mise-en-scene? The result: “Rope”, which is based on Patrick Hamilton’s play, is surprisingly good. However, you are always aware that Hitch is handicapped by having half of the language of cinema taken away from him. It’s like he’s working with half a brain. Still, the story, which is based on the Leopold and Loeb case is irresistible. Granger and Dall are perfection and Jimmy Stewart is also amazing, even if you think that he may not have been in on the ruse!
POST TITLE: Fifty-Four Queer Films Made Under the Hays Code (1934-1967)
CATEGORY: My Favorites
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