My Hustler (1965) Film Review B

My Hustler
DIRECTOR: Andy Warhol and Chuck Wein.
BOTTOM LINE: Prepare to be surprised. If all you have seen of Warhol is “Chelsea Girls” and “Empire State,” don’t give up. “My Hustler” is a hugely different film with a solid narrative. Warhol codirects with Chuck Wein, a hugely positive influence; at around 70 minutes, it’s quite a joy to sit through. This is mainly due to the marvelous lead performance of an uncredited Ed Hood, who manages to create a hilarious yet sympathetic character out of what could have been just a bitchy “old” queen. I have lots of straight friends who like this movie.
“My Hustler” is the only extant Factory Film that 1) has been transferred to digital media and 2) has turned a profit. The original idea was by Andy Warhol and Chuck Wein. A lot of the dialogue was improvised. Paul Morrissey acted as cinematographer.

POST TITLE: 60 Queer Films Made Under the Hays Code (1934-1967) – TheBrownees
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Queer Cinema Comes Out: 40 Queer Films from 1967-1976 – TheBrownees

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