Midnight Cowboy (1969) Film Review

Midnight Cowboy
DIRECTOR: John Schlesinger
John Schlesinger’s American debut is the only X-rated movie to win Best Picture. Dated now, it still boasts two great performances courtesy of Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffmann. The gay thing is a bit primitive with tortured souls getting killed by their tricks and numerous queer types from The Village in small parts so the audience will not clue into the more basic details of the Joe Buck/Ratso Rizzo relationship. And like “Darling”“Midnight Cowboy” is almost ruined by that long Warhol-inspired psychedelic party scene.
The haunting score by John Barry does not receive screen credit since it’s his music from “You Only Live Twice” rearranged for harmonica.
POST TITLE: Twenty-Seven Queer Films 1967-1976. Queer Cinema Comes Out 
CATEGORY: My Favorites
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