Double Indemnity (1944) Film Review

Double Indemnity
DIRECTOR: Billy Wilder
One of the three great film noirs of 1944, the others being “Laura” and “The Woman in the Window.” Superb work by Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, and Edward G. Robinson. Written and directed by Billy Wilder, collaborating on the screenplay with Raymond Chandler from the novel by James M. Cain. Was the real love affair between Walter Neff (MacMurray) and his boss Barton Keyes (Robinson) with Stanwyck as the black widow spider? The debate continues.
POST TITLE: 55 Queer Films Made Under the Hays Code (1934-1967) (Part 1) – TheBrownees
CATEGORY: My Favorites
SUBCATEGORY: Queer Film | Classic Film Noir | 30s 40s
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