What Happened at 625 Red River Rd ? Movie Trailer.

The opening few seconds of the trailer for Devon Johnson’s debut thriller/horror film “What Happened at 625 River Road” takes us from a helicopter shot over Central Park to two college girls taking a “say Big Apple” selfie to a dark screen with the sounds of a desperate 911 call to pixilated black and white images of a crime scene and then the title:

This film is based on the most mysterious horrific crimes ever recorded.

This occurred on May 11th 2015 at…..

625 River Rd,

Schenectady, NY 12306.

Based on a sequence of events that happened when two female college students rented a house at 625 River Rd., the opening few seconds of the trailer have you hooked. Then Johnson goes in for the kill with a montage of faceless figures in dark hallways, animal carcasses in the grass, a police officer being attacked in his car by someone or something in the back seat and a man screaming on a busy New York street.

The sound is just as impressive as Johnson splices lines from the movie such as “folks around here are pretty superstitious” and “the moment I walked inside the home I felt him there” into a pulsating Halloween/Psycho-inspired score.

The final scene in which the camera slowly follows one of the characters and a hand suddenly enters the frame from the side is classic.

Bottom line: I want to see this movie. Release date: summer of 2022.

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