“The First Lady” is a Travesty (Michelle Pfeiffer excepted).

The First Lady

Such Disrespect!

What were they thinking? In a post-MeToo world they squeeze three First Ladies into each episode! We are just settling down and getting to know someone when CUT …. So frustrating! Such disrespect. Gillian Anderson, Viola Davis and Michelle Pfeiffer are the Rodney Dangerfield triplets. Why would these great actresses want to be associated with this piece of garbage?


The writing is abysmal! The casting is abysmal!

Every scene in “The First Lady” is populated by idiots whose sole purpose is to treat the First Lady like shit and then, in some sort of epiphany, realize how wonderful she is. The writing is abysmal. The casting is abysmal – with the rare exception such as Ellen Burstyn as FDR’s controlling mother. We get, not just one, but three excruciatingly bad presidential impersonations. Kiefer Sutherland takes the biscuit as FDR but Aaron Eckhart and O-T Fagbenle are not far behind as Ford and Obama.

The First Lady

Both Anderson and Davis are terrible.

The sheer vulgarity of the exercise brings down the actresses themselves. Anderson and her dental work are terrible as Eleanor. Davis, speaking like she has just swallowed a small animal, is terrible as Michelle. “The First Lady” indeed!


Only Pfeiffer maintains some measure of dignity.

Only Michelle Pfeiffer’s Betty Ford escapes with some dignity. Pfeiffer gets her. She gets the addict. We want to stay with Betty and tell those other two to just go away.


The First Lady

I wanted Michelle to be in her own Betty Ford Story.

Back in 1987 the great Gena Rowlands was quite moving in a TV movie entitled “The Betty Ford Story”. I want Michelle to be in her own Betty Ford Story.




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