Sienna Miller shines in David E. Kelley’s latest affront to society.

Anatomy of a Scandal

“Anatomy of a Scandal” raises some interesting points about the nature of consent between two individuals and the definition of rape as seen from the male and female perspective. However, the general story, writing, directing and acting are all of such a low standard that these finer points get lost along the way.

Anatomy of a Scandal


Only Sienna Miller, playing the wife of a British Tory MP (Rupert Friend) who learns that her husband has been having an affair with an aide, and then that he is accused of rape, manages to keep her head above water. In fact, her early scenes, when she is first reacting to the news, rank as the best work she has ever done.

Gradually, however, the outrageous plot lines get away from her and her actions become just as inexplicable as those of all the other characters in this awful mess.

Anatomy of a Scandal


Poor Michelle Dockery fares particularly badly. Her role as a barrister, who has managed a complete change of identity in a surprisingly brief period, is a creation that people will laugh at for centuries to come, if they can bring themselves to watch this piece of trash.


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