Paul Sorrentino’s Wonderful “The Hand of God”.

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A chapter from the life of the director.

“The Hand of God” is a semi-autobiography taken from a chapter in Sorrentino’s life when he was in his early teens. Disaffected, with no friends and no plans for the future (perhaps philosophy!), his major interests are music and watching Diego Maradona play for his home team Napoli. The film’s title is a reference to Maradona’s 1986 FIFA World  Cup goal against England. We see Fabietto (as Sorrentino is called in the movie) deal with a terrible family tragedy and, later, loose himself in cinema which helps him cope and shows him a path to the future.

"The Hand of God"

Memories of Fellini and the Taviani Brothers at their peak.

The film is filled with images redolent of Fellini and the Taviani Brothers. It is Sorrentino’s “La Dolce Vita” – a love poem to his beloved Naples – and also his “Amarcord” (“I remember”).

The Hand of God

Filippo Scotti

Filippo Scotti is perfection as Fabietto. Understated and unaffected with a wonderful melancholy presence. One of my favorite movies of 2021.

Oscar nomination for Best International Film


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