“Ambulance” is “Heat” Minus the Cojones.



A bank heist in downtown LA gone wrong. A multitude of police and bad guys. Innocent bystanders dodging bullets. I could be describing the premise for Michael Mann’s masterpiece “Heat”, the Pacino/DeNiro standoff from 1995. Unfortunately, I am introducing you to another beast entirely. Because “Ambulance” is, for all it’s impressive CGI images of downtown Los Angeles, a very pale imitation.


Gyllenhaal – Gonzalez

The opening scenes show promise with Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Danny Sharp, the psychotic leader of the gangsters, being fun for about 10 minutes. Eliza Gonzalez is very impressive as an expert but jaded first responder whose ambulance is hijacked by Gyllenhaal and his adopted sibling Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). Will, who fought in Afghanistan, just wanted some money for his wife’s “experimental” surgery. LOL!


Recycled Danish Films.

This is the second Danish (yes Danish) film in a row that Gyllenhaal has been involved in revamping and he should really stop here. The last one didn’t work either. As the film proceeds, the action becomes more and more cartoonish, but then what can you expect from a Michael Bay film.


105/710 Interchange and the Harbor Freeway.

As a huge fan of my adopted city and a freeway aficionado – an overhead shot of the 105/710 interchange gets me every time – I was more than willing to give this one a fair shot (sorry!). A few glimses of the Harbor Freeway got my heart racing. However, I even ended up getting shortchanged on LA’s most emblematic structures: most of the action takes place on surface streets!


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